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My name isn't Damian lmao anyways I'm pretty inactive so ya


Ask or Dare - AoZ
Yeee I'm bored as shit
Also, I might not respond to the questions/dares quickly because I'm not really active here :'))))
Linus - Student
Thea - Resident
Grayscale drawING
I have a shirtless version BAHAHA
I'm unsure I could/should post it
AOZ Application Revamp: Linus Sokolov
Wenk wenk wenk
I am fine with any format of RPing such as script and paragraph. I'm not a very big fan of one liners because I like slightly more detailed ones but I can tolerate them. I also have a Discord!

General Information
Name: Linus Sokolov
Age: 16
DOB: September 2
Height: 5'8
Red Class

Notable features:
He usually wears a collar with a chain on it, sometimes he changes it to a choker.
Blue arms that go up to his elbow and blue knees that go down to his calves
Dark brown eyes
Slight Russian accent. Sometimes pronounces "w" as "v" and rarely "th" as "z"
He actually has tiny, retractable horns on his forehead.

Personal Stuff
His father
His pets
Reading books and comics
Minty candies
Getting stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally

His mother
Tomatoes and certain other foods
Humid weather
Homesickness or any sickness at all
His tiny horns, (he wants to file them off like Hellboy but it hurts)
People he dislikes (Obviouslyy)
Most animals
Being annoyed

A little bit mean (teases you in public, etc.)
Actually gives fucks about things like grades and social relationships with other students and residents
Awkward but tries to hide it
Passionate about a lot of things ;^)

Back Story:
To be revised but you can check my old application for the basic idea.

The color of his fingertips change according to the ability he uses

Blue, Malleability - This is his default ability. It can change the length, sharpness, and density/hardness of his fingers.

Pink, Psychic - Affects the target by painful migraines and hallucinations. They can only last up to 30 minutes

Yellow, Light - Can be charged by from either a solar or artificial light source. He can generate a flash of light which can stun or blind someone for a short period of time.

Green, Regeneration - (only for the zalgoid arms and blue areas of his body [excluding internal organs and etc.])
Healing - He can heal (or regenerate) himself but doesn't know if he can heal others

His abilities take time to charge and because of that, he can't switch up his powers quickly
Animals (He thinks almost every animal is disgusting except for a few ones)
It takes 12 hours for him to regenerate and heal
Hot and humid places
Loses his patience if tested too much and usually has to release the negativity violently. Sometimes he doesn't if isn't feeling it
Tomato Allergy

His 4 abilities
Doesn't mind the darkness
Can deal with wet and swampy environments
His Zalgoid arms and/ knees are immune to many things (ex. Fire, mosquitoes, holy water)

Into S&M
Has 2 pet crabs ([he used to have three but one died] all weirdly named "Joshua")
Doesn't mind the taste of humans but wouldn't eat them regularly
In a relationship with Aiden Sanchez

Aiden is owned by


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